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Well, Labor Day weekend may be over but the weather is going to be warm for a few more weeks, so summer continues and hopefully folks will continue coming to the lake.

I say keep the summer season going as long as we can!

On the other hand…the heat has been rough with no rain to boot.

Fortunately the cooldown Sunday brought us down to mid-80’s which was really nice.

Monday morning was quite pleasant as well, so I watered everything (skipped watering Sunday because I could) and set the hose on my young trees again.

I also fertilized everything…everything!!

The potted flowers I cut back are looking great but they need a boost.

As I said last week, the tomato plants look a little stressed, but they are still alive.

I decided to do a little clean-up again and as I snipped off the dead stems, there were already new leaves sprouting from the leaf nodes.

So, that means the tomato is ready to try again so they needed some nourishment.

I fertilized the Hydrangeas with Miracid fertilizer by Miraclegro.

They were looking pretty sad several weeks ago so I had trimmed all the ugly dried-up blooms and the old ugly leaves.

They started a new flush of leaves and I hope maybe there will be another round of blooms as we
cool down, but I don’t think that is how Hydrangeas work.

I even fertilized the indoor plants because they have been working hard too with the long summer days.

So the Saturday Market is over and it was kind of sad…but now I can cut about 10 hours off my week and sleep in on Saturdays!!

Thanks to everyone for your support of the Market! Enjoy the Earth! Diana