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Well, fall is here and the weather is right on track. There have been summers where it was hot all through September, but we have had darn near perfect fall weather this year.

So if your warm-weather crops are looking like they are done for the season, now is a good time to plant fall flowers.

I love Pansies because they love the cool weather, they look so happy and come in lots of colors, and they will bloom through several hard frosts.

When they seem done for the winter, leave them alone because they will come back in the spring and bloom until it gets too hot.

Chrysanthemums are another good fall flower but they have one bloom time.

When you buy them, buy plants with tight buds and you will have color for a longer period of time as they open. If you buy one that is completely in bloom, it will dwindle rather quickly.

You can plant them in the ground and they will come back every year.

Depending on the weather you can get a bloom June, then trim off the dead blooms and get another round of blooms in the fall.

Other cool-weather flowers are Snap Dragons and Dianthus.

These will bloom for quite a while, and when they are done, they drop seeds and will pop up next spring.

So even with colder temperatures, we can have color in the gardens and pots!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana