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Oh my goodness, October is Friday!

And that means fall decorating is next on our list.

Of course, the stores have had fall decorations out since July, with Halloween and Christmas stuff right next to it.

Let’s just start with autumn in the garden.

Chrysanthemums are the first to come to mind and they are available right here in our area.

When you make your selection, buy them with somewhat tight buds.

It’s is tempting to get instant color with a totally bloomed out mum, but they won’t last as long as the ones that are not completely open.

Chrysanthemums can be perennial in Oklahoma so if you put them in the ground or in a very large pot, my experience is that you will get the green foliage next spring and you might get a bloom around July.

If so, then cut them back and hope for another bloom in the fall.

But as we know with everything in the landscape, it all depends on weather conditions.

I have also seen Asters at some of the big box stores.

I like them because they have much brighter purple colors and they too will come back next year.

Same goes with Asters, they will last longer if they still have some unopened buds on them.

Other cool-weather flowers are Snap Dragons, Dianthus, Pansies, and Violas.

Pansies and Violas can take very cold weather and if they die over the winter, you will get another bloom in the spring.

Snaps and Dianthus will often come back next spring and bloom for quite a while into the early summer.

You aren’t going to find them around here but you can go to Southwoods in Tulsa or TLC in Oklahoma City.

They will have the best selection of flowers for the fall and they always have healthy plants.

We will go into more detail on these flowers in the coming weeks. Meanwhile…Enjoy the Earth! Diana