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We finally got a break from the heat!

We have had 20 days of above-normal temperatures in September, plus we are 2.5” below normal on rainfall for September, so it has been a rough month for us gardeners.

It would be nice if the cool front would last, but apparently, we are in for another couple of 90 degree days this weekend. Poop!!

So the Autumn Equinox is this week, and occurs Wednesday, at 3:21 eastern time.

What does that mean?

That is when the sun is even with the equator, so the Northern and Southern Hemispheres have the same hours of daylight and darkness.

This occurs for one reason: Earth spins on a tilted axis so as it orbits the sun for 365 days, the sunlight hits different areas of the earth.

So is it the first day of autumn?

Well, according to meteorologists, summer is the hottest three months, June, July, and August, and winter is the coldest three months, December, January, and February.

So spring is March, April, May, and fall is September, October, November.

But, astronomically, fall officially begins on the Autumn Equinox.

We also happened to have the last full moon of the summer, called the Harvest Moon, which happened on Tuesday but had a good showing Monday night.

So there is your science lesson for this week.

Pray for rain!! We need it desperately before the winter months begin.

Meanwhile….Enjoy the Earth! Diana