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You could not ask for better weather for being outside these last few days.

I spent Monday doing the continuing cleanup chore of dead stuff on neglected summer plants.

In the spring I planted Zinnia seeds along with Sunflower seeds at one end of my vegetable garden for color.

All the seeds germinated and I ended up with a ton of Zinnias and one Sunflower that grew to about seven feet, way over my head, and bloomed and bloomed.

The birds loved it!

Well, by the end of summer, it was done, and my neglected Zinnias needed to be cleaned up.

So it took a saw to cut the giant sunflower tree down, and I cleaned all the dead blooms and leaves off the Zinnias as well as the Marigolds.

Now if you do this, save the dead blooms because that is a bundle of seeds!

All of these flowers will reseed themselves in the garden, but all the blooms you cut are seeds for next year!

Scroll down for pictures of my giant tomato plant in the boat garden and my Zinnia garden and bucket of seeds.

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Come and shop from 9:00 to noon. Enjoy the Earth! Diana