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I am so ready for fall!

We haven’t seen rain since sometime in July and our lawn is brown – Toast!

We aren’t having the stressful heat indexes, but we are still hitting mid 90’s, and with no rain for weeks…anything in full sun is struggling. Come on Mother Nature, turn the water back on!

So we are through with the squash beetles and some of the other pests, mainly because our squash plants are toast, but it seems like the spiders are very busy this time of year.

They are making webs everywhere so you have be careful not to walk through their web.

They are good insects as a rule so I hate to destroy their webs.

One of my favorite spiders is the Arigope aurantia, also known as the garden spider or zig-zag spider because they make a little zig-zag pattern in their web.

They have a yellow and black body with long black legs.

With a life span of a year, by this time of year they are really big.

I have two at the Choke that are close to an inch, plus their legs.

They are so beautiful and totally harmless unless they were to get on your neck or arm.

No, they won’t bite but that would be creepy!

There are still tons of bees, wasps, and other nectar-loving insects buzzing around.

Fortunately, there are still plenty of flowers for them to nose into…thanks to the watering almost every day.

I am sick and tired of the watering routine, but I want to enjoy my flowers as long as possible, so I keep it up.

The tomatoes are pretty much done but as the temperatures drop they might do another round of fruit.

So I keep watering…

It’s a pain in the neck but we are gardeners…we are tough, we will endure what Mother Nature hands out, right?

So always…Enjoy the Earth! Diana