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According to the weather guys, it looks like we are going to push 90 degrees sometime this week. That is crazy!

How can we go from nice fall weather to a high of 90 in a matter of a few days? That’s Oklahoma weather for you!

Speaking of weather, I saw in the paper that we may be in for a mild but dry winter.

Apparently, a La Niña system will be controlling our crazy weather patterns.

So what is the difference between La Niña and El Niño? Here is what I learned.

La Niña is when the surface water of the Pacific near the equator is cooler than normal, and El Niño is when the water in the same area in the Pacific is warmer than normal.

These changes in water temperatures can have a major influence on weather patterns for the entire globe.

So La Niña started developing in early September and will probably continue through the winter months.

Because of that, the outlook from December to February is higher-than-normal temperatures and lower-than-normal rain for
most of the south-central United States.

If we don’t have a hard freeze right away, that could extend our vegetable season a little.

But don’t put those hoses away yet. Sounds like we may be watering a lot this winter! Poop! I hate watering!!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana