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Well, the first week of October turned out more fall-like weather.

We finally got some decent rainfall last weekend followed by 80 degree sunny days and cool nights.

Sunday was a perfect day to be on the lake, so we took the boat out for the first time this year.

I know…but by the time I could get on the boat after surgery in July, it had turned so darn hot we didn’t want to be out there.

I thought we were done with 90’s but apparently the weekend is going to be hot again.

The good side is that folks will come to the lake and play on their boats, and then Sunday night another cool front comes through and temperatures drop back to 80‘s with continued cool nights.

And a slim chance of rain for our area.

So the fall foliage turn is right around the corner.

You may think the cool weather brings on the leaf turn, but the color change occurs as a result of the shorter days.

With less daylight to enable the trees to make chlorophyll, their leaves begin to turn.

Our best time here in Northeast Oklahoma is the end of October through the first week or two in November.

The cool weather doesn’t bring on the color change, but the moisture and temperature do play a part in the vibrancy of the leaf turn.

Having a succession of warm sunny days and cool crisp nights, with some rain here and there, will make for a beautiful autumn.

So come on Mother Nature, give us a little more fall weather and some rain!!

Meanwhile, I continue to water the Petunias, Impatiens, Morning Glories, Boston ferns, Hydrangeas, etc., and the veggie garden.

The flowers are happy campers with the cooler weather so I am going to milk them as long as possible before I plant hardy winter flowers.

Soak up the beautiful weather and…Enjoy the Earth! Diana