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Well, another month is coming to an end and it should start feeling more like fall.

But there are still tomatoes and peppers growing in the garden and the Impatiens and Petunias are still blooming.

Mother Nature is amazing!

We went to Kansas City last weekend for the NASCAR race and went to visit Jim’s sister while we were there.

She has a huge Hydrangea that is covered in beautiful pink blooms! That is crazy lucky…mine quit blooming about 2 months ago!

Speaking of summer annuals continuing to bloom, I was struggling with replanting my window boxes because the Petunias are still gorgeous, but the Pansies needed to get planted for winter.

Well, I just happened to have another window box and a couple of empty square pots.

So I left the two window boxes of Petunias on the ledge and planted the Pansies in the other pots.

That gives them a spot to get nice and full and when the Petunias poop out, I will swap out the boxes on the ledge.

That way I get to enjoy all of them longer!

So Pansies are a favorite because they come in so many bright colors and they have happy faces and they bloom in cold weather, but they do need to be dead-headed to keep them full of blooms.

The spent blooms look very similar to the new buds so you have to be careful.

The old blooms have a seed ball on the ends.

On the new buds you can see the petals wrapped up in the leaves waiting to open.

Cut the old seed heads as close to the plant as you can so the stems don’t stick out.

It’s kind of a pain but it only needs to be done about once a week and it is worth it for the results.

And don’t forget to fertilize about every 3 weeks or so.

I have a garden area around the propane tank to kind of hide it so I put the Pansy box in that space along with a big pot of Petunias.

I have two pots of Snap Dragons that are loaded with blooms, so I moved them to each side of the Pansy and Petunia pots and created a beautiful “garden” around the propane tank.

The Snap Dragons should last quite a while because they can take pretty cold temperatures like the Pansies.

So there it is, problem solved.

I didn’t have to tear up any of the summer annuals and I got the winter flowers in their places!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana

Awesome Windowbox with Petunias and Pansies
Propane Tank Before…
Propane Tank After
Propane Tank After!