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It is amazing what some decent rain showers will do for the landscape – the grass is greening up again and the flowers look so happy.

The 70-degree temps were awesome, but it looks like we are going to get close to 80 again, maybe a bit higher.

Typical Oklahoma weather for this time of year but it sure can be frustrating.

I fertilized all my flower pots Sunday because they were still blooming like crazy.

I have lots of Petunias all around and although they are summer annuals, they can take cooler temperatures.

The Snap Dragons are also summer annuals but they really prefer cooler temperatures.

The Snaps had begun to wane during the hot spell in August and September, but with the rains and cooler temps, they are thriving.

See? They all needed some nutrients!

And that, my garden buddies, is what makes for some difficult decisions.

The summer annuals are looking gorgeous in the window boxes and will continue until very cold weather comes in.

But I would like them full of flowers for the winter and Pansies are the perfect fit as they can take light freeze temperatures and keep blooming all winter until a long hard freeze.

So the sooner they get planted in their winter spot, the fuller and bigger they will be for winter.

Thus, the dilemma: Pull the Petunias or wait another two or three weeks…

I have to confess, I bought Pansies when we were in Tulsa on Monday.

They were full, healthy plants and they are such beautiful flowers that just make you smile.

So I will let you know what I end up doing with the Petunias…next week.

Enjoy the Earth! Diana

window box flowers