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Hey guys! It’s finally beginning to feel like fall.

Looks like we are in for some cooler temperatures and a break from the dry spell.

We almost had some really bad weather, like hail and tornados, but we got lucky.

We did enjoy the lightning and thunder show on our screened-in porch Sunday night. There were some doozies!

According to the weatherman, October is the next highest severe weather month besides the spring months.

Who knew???

So with all the leaves that have already fallen due to heat stress, I decided to get the leaf blower out and clean them up.

We have a lot of big trees so there was a lot to do.

Some ended up in the compost pile and the ones in the front yard I blew onto the lawn and my lawn guy mowed them down the next day.

Mowing them into tiny pieces puts the nutrients into your lawn and it’s much easier than bagging them up.

Everything looked so pretty afterward and then the wind starts blowing again…oh well.

I bought a couple of big healthy Chrysanthemums right here in Langley. They are in large pots so I don’t plan on repotting them.

I would like to put pansies in my window boxes, but the petunias are still doing so well I hate to move them out.

Pansies are a good cold weather flower because they can take really cold weather.

They will bloom until we get a really hard freeze but then they will rebloom in the spring, giving you two seasons so they are worth the investment.

It won’t be long before the leaves begin their turn, so enjoy your fall decorating whether it’s pumpkins and hay bales or fall flowers.

Autumn is finally here!

Time to trade in the tank tops and flip flops for sweaters and boots! Enjoy the Earth! Diana