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Well you couldn’t ask for better weather last weekend, especially Monday.

It was absolutely gorgeous!! Sunny and 75 degrees on November 8th? That is heaven for us gardeners!!

Needless to say, I spent some time outside on my days off!

I found some 4” pots of Basil in the Reasor’s produce area.

They were only $1.98, which is a great price, and they were healthy.

So Monday I cleaned up a nice size pot I found in the garage and transplanted the Basil I had in another pot outside that somehow survived the light freeze last week.

I added my little 4” fresh Basil plant and it made a lovely herb pot.

Now some perfectionists would put the herb pot in the kitchen for convenience.

But I don’t get enough sunlight there so mine will go in the bedroom south window with the citrus trees.

Once I had my hands in the dirt Monday, I finished planting some more Pansies.

While out in the yard doing that, I noticed the boat garden looked like a weedy mess.

There were weeds but most of the green seedlings were dill and cilantro.

So I carefully pulled out the weeds leaving tons of dill and cilantro and a lot of petunias that were all volunteer plants and a good size potato plant that was from a missed potato.

A lucky find!!

During my garden time, I realized there are still a lot of insects flying around.

I got buzzed by a couple of big bumblebees and I watched a smaller bee crawl all the way down into a petunia to get to the nector.

And there were a few butterflies on the pansy blooms and I got a beautiful close-up shot with my iPad.

Check out some pictures down below.

I hope you take advantage of these days that the weather is perfect. It is my therapy to have my hands in the soil planting pretty flowers!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana