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I can’t believe it is December… where is the time going?

I don’t know how the weather was in Oklahoma for Thanksgiving, but we enjoyed perfect weather in California.

It was mid to upper 60’s and sunny every single day.

We even had our Thanksgiving feast outside on beautifully decorated tables.

So even though we were in Northern California, the temperatures are pretty mild compared to ours.

The difference is they haven’t had anything close to a freeze (and probably won’t all winter), whereas we have already had a 28 degree hit at least once if not twice already.

As a result, they can grow citrus trees outside…in the ground…year-round. I’m so jealous!

They have a pretty young naval orange tree that just happened to make a lot of oranges this year.

It’s only about 7’ tall and the branches are laden with big oranges.

They were pretty darn good, so I ate an orange, right off the tree, every day.

The other thing I am jealous of is the artichoke plant that they‘ve had for about 4 years.

Because our weather is so extreme on the hot and cold side, artichokes do not grow well in Oklahoma.

Last year they got about 50 artichokes during the season, but it needed some heavy pruning after that so unfortunately there were not artichokes this year.

I did get a great picture of the plant.

Check out some pictures below.

We had a great time in California but there is no place like home…at Grand Lake! Enjoy The Earth! Diana