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Happy November everybody! And it certainly feels like it outside.

We are going to be hitting some low temperatures this week, like in the 30’s.

So if you still have plants outside that you are going to bring inside for the winter, now is the time to get it done.

Every year I go through the steps to take to avoid bringing in unwanted pests on those plants.

That would begin with hosing the plants down real good, foliage, and pots and bottoms.

You will want to do this on a sunny day because the water is going to be cold!

After cleaning them up let them dry in the sun and now they are ready to bring inside.

My two citrus trees are difficult to move around due to their size.

They were pretty cleaned up after the days of rain last week. With that and the lower temperatures, I am skipping the “hose down” process.

I made sure the pots were wiped clean of any spider stuff and I checked the foliage for any pests.

It is a bit of a gamble, but the timing on the rain was just right, so I skipped that process.

Once the plants are inside they will need some time to adjust to the warm, dry air in the house, as well as deal with shorter days.

So they might look a little droopy or lose some of their leaves in this process, but they will snap out of it.

We might be finished with warm weather so we can swap the tank tops and flip flops for sweaters and boots.

Yippee!! Enjoy the fall weather and always…Enjoy the Earth! Diana