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Well, another month is slipping by us and before you know it, Christmas will be here!!

It looks like we are going to have a little cooler weather this week, maybe no more 70’s for the rest of the year. But not too cold yet.

So with the nicer weather last week, I worked on my leaves.

We have so many big trees that even though my lawn guy went over them once, there were so many more leaves it was like starting over.

So I got one area done with the leaf blower and a rake and most of that went into my compost pile.

The next day I got out the mulching mower and just mowed the heck out of the leaves.

I only used the blower to get the leaves out of nooks and crannies so I could mow them up.

A good mulching mower basically makes them disappear and all those tiny pieces of leaves go down into the soil leaving the grass exposed so it can continue to get sunshine, oxygen, and moisture.

Yes, even though the grass is dormant, it still needs to breath.

It took me three days, a few hours each day (and some help from Jim), but the yard looks great!

So if you haven’t done your leaves or cleaned out your garden, and you have grandkids coming, that sounds like a good outdoor activity for them!

Stay safe and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. And always… Enjoy the Earth! Diana