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Well it is that time of year that the landscape is going through its change of seasons.

We are blessed with a ton of deciduous trees, some having already dropped their leaves (or Mother Nature blew them completely naked), some holding on to their leaves a while longer and some are just beginning their turn.

We have a lot of Oak trees so let’s talk about the mighty Oak.

There are two groups of Oak trees, White Oak (Quercus Alba) and Red Oak (Quercus Rebra).

White Oak leaves have more rounded and smooth edges and Red Oaks have pointed and sometimes toothed edges.

We have a Sawtooth Oak (Quercus Acutissima) that has lots of toothed edges on the leaves and the acorns have a hairy cover as opposed to a hard textured cover.

The acorns provide food for lots of animals.

White Oak acorns are sweeter so the animals love them, while Red Oak acorns are bitter so not so yummy.

One year our Sawtooth only dropped the hairy cover with no nut, but this year there are tons of acorns everywhere!

Why is that?

It is all weather-related so we must have had the perfect “storm” to yield a ton of them this year.

Deciduous Trees was one of my favorite, but toughest, classes at OSU-OKC.

First, it was an evening class taught by the head of the horticulture department.

Second, it was only offered in the fall, so we froze our fannies off doing ID’s in the dark and the final exam was in December!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Be thankful for our beautiful trees and always…Enjoy the Earth! Diana