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Hello Lake Gardeners!

We’ve had some crazy weather patterns and in spite of that, we saw some pretty nice autumn colors last week.

The “peak” time is usually the last week of October, but we were a little behind schedule this year.

At least we finally got some color!

So we had a pretty tough freeze a couple of weeks ago but I covered my tender plants up and they did fine.

Every winter there is a risk of a frost from October 30 to April 7, and it is almost guaranteed we will have a frost sometime between November 14 and March 27.

That nets us 206 growing days a year.

A light freeze is 29 to 32 degrees and that can do some damage to tender plants.

A moderate freeze is 25 to 29 degrees, which is what we had, and that will do a lot more damage to those tender plants unless they are covered.

The hardier plants like snapdragons, pansies, and mums should survive those temperatures.

A severe freeze is when it gets down to 24 degrees or lower.

Now that is going to finish off the tender plants no matter what you do, but the pansies will survive that temperature as long as it doesn’t go on for a week or more.

When the pansies do wane over the winter, don’t worry, they will come back in the spring for another flush of flowers.

Even though we had warm temperatures earlier this week, we are getting into the winter season.

If you haven’t brought in those plants you want to overwinter, you better do it ASAP.

Enjoy the last of the fall colors and always… Enjoy the Earth! Diana