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Well, the last two weeks were full of autumn colors and now the leaves are falling like crazy.

Our lawn guy came and mowed the leaves with his mulching blade on Friday and by Sunday there were as many or more leaves on the ground!

But it is that time of year and you can’t leave them on the lawn or they can cause damage to the grass.

So they can be mulched right on the lawn and those tiny pieces of leaves will compost down into the soil and improve the soil.

This may have to be done several times over the next few weeks, but it is easier to do that than to rake and blow the leaves to another location.

If you do opt to get the leaf blower out to gather them up, that makes a good start to a compost pile.

Find an out-of-the-way location where you can pile them up, then layer on a bag or two of cheap topsoil, a little fertilizer to get things started, then feed it with your vegetable scraps and egg shells, no meat or bones.

It needs to be watered occasionally unless we have rain, and it will need to be turned every few weeks with a pitch fork.

By next spring you will have a nice pile of compost to put in the gardens!

Hope you are having a wonderful fall season!! Enjoy the Earth! Diana