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Well we made it through the first cold snap of the fall.

I can’t believe Oklahoma City got so much ice damage last week and we just got a lot of rain and barely got a frost up here.

I covered my boat garden with tablecloths for several days and it did fine through the cold nights.

With the pleasant weather we are having this week it is a good time to finish some clean up in the gardens and pots.

Besides dealing with the leaves, there are other plants that need attention.

By this time the foliage on the Peonies look pretty bad so they can be cut back to about 3” from ground level.

If you want to divide them this is the time to do it. You can dig up a chunk of them and plant them in another spot and they will pop up next spring.

The Hydrangeas are looking pretty bad as well but don’t cut them down!

If you want to cut off the ugly blooms, but only cut the bloom, not the branch.

Most Hydrangeas bloom on old wood so if you cut the ugly sticks off, you just cut next year’s blooms off.

There are some nice Chrysanthamums available with nice tight buds that will start opening up and last through Thanksgiving.

I haven’t seen any Pansies around here so I guess you have to go into Tulsa to find them.

It is worth it because they just make you smile! And we need something to smile about, right??

Take advantage of the sunshine this week and…Enjoy the Earth! Diana