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I love this time of year because everything is coming out of the winter sleep.

There are all kinds of flowers blooming, the grass is greening up and the trees are
full of new foliage.

Even the birds are chatty like they know spring is here.

We have all been waiting to see how our plants survived the below-freezing temps in February and the subsequent freeze in April.

The Crepe Myrtles should be leafed out by now and some of them are only growing from the base of the

If you are experiencing this, don’t dig it up yet.

I have two big ones that I thought were gone, but in the last week or so they started budding out.

Some plants may bud all the way up, others may only grow from the base and end up a bush instead of a small tree.

Either way, give them some time to get their leaves, then trim any dead ends off.

The Knock Out Roses took a pretty good hit as well.

We had 3 huge ones at The Artichoke and they usually start leafing out in March, but they were just a bunch of dead sticks until a couple of weeks ago.

They are also leafing out from the base of the plant and they are loaded with buds and blooms, but all the big branches are bare.

So Jim and I, with loppers and saws, cut all the old dead branches all the way to the bottom.

They look much better and this will actually get them to a manageable size.

Otherwise, the Irises are blooming everywhere and the Peonies are alive and loaded with big buds ready to make big fluffy blooms.

My ugly Hydrangea sticks are full of foliage up to about 3” from their tops, so I will give them a couple of weeks, then trim off any dead pieces.

Nature wants to survive but it make take longer for the plants to show it or they may be starting over again like the Knock Out roses.

Don’t give up on these guys yet! Enjoy the Earth! Diana

flowers at The Artichoke