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I can’t believe it is Memorial Day weekend!

I guess that means summer is here, “weather” we like it or not. Tee hee… And that also means there is a lot to do in the gardens.

With all the rain, the plants are flourishing, but the weeds are too. There are so many weeds out there making it very hard to keep up.

The best way is to go out at least once a week, twice would be better, and get them while they are small.

You will spend less time getting the little ones than if you let them get big with deep roots.

At least the rain has kept the soil soft so the weeds come up very easy.

The peonies have been gorgeous this year. I have been cutting them to use in the house.

They last several days and not only are their big fluffy blooms beautiful, they are very aromatic.

Hopefully they will continue blooming another week or two.

The Hydrangeas are next to bloom.

Ours are loaded with tight balls ready to open up soon.

FYI, the more acidic the soil, the bluer the blooms will be, so fertilize with Miracid by MiracleGro. You may have to reapply every two or three weeks.

Many of you have been asking about The Saturday Market… Well, we are ready to start this weekend!!

We will have spring veggies, eggs, and free-range chicken, homemade tamales, cabbage rolls, and hummus.

Come and see us from 9:00 to noon Saturday! We are excited to be back!!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana