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Hey Grand Lake garden friends! It sure seems like spring is going way too fast around here.

The official first day of summer is only a month away!

This week will definitely feel like spring with all the rain in the forecast… maybe we will get some sunshine in between showers so we can play in the garden!

Meanwhile, the irises are through blooming and they don’t look real pretty after their blooms are over.

BUT…don’t go mowing them down yet, for two reasons.

Irises are not corms or bulbs, they are rhizomes. So they multiply under the soil and when the rhizomes start getting too crowded, they won’t bloom.

Also, while the greens are up you can see where to thin them out.

You can do that by pulling them up here and there making sure you get the rhizome with the greens.

They can be replanted in another area by digging them in or since I have tons of iris on our bluff, I can throw them further down the bluff and they will catch hold and grow.

Once again, Mother Nature wants to survive and these guys are tough.

The other reason to leave the greens alone for a bit longer is the rhizomes need to get re-energized for next year’s blooms which happens through photosynthesis.

So if you cut all the green off now, you took away their energy source.

The best thing is to cut the bloom stems off leaving the wide leaves and they won’t look so messy.

Then leave the green tops for another month or so.

Well we may not like all these spring showers but the plants are loving it.

I have gobs of sugar snap peas and the broccoli is popping out little “trees” so we had our hummus with fresh picked vegetables this week.

Yummy! Enjoy the Earth! Diana