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Hope everyone had an enjoyable Mother’s Day.

We went to OKC to see Donnie and Becky and grandsons.

The day started off coolish but by afternoon the sun came out so we bought some flowers and planted several of their pots.

There is nothing better than spending the day digging in the dirt. It always makes me happy!

I have actually been a little behind on my planting at home due to a pain in the rear.

No, really, I pulled a major muscle in my hip and it is taking a long time to heal.

But I was ready to get some warm weather crops in the ground this week so I bought some tomato, pepper, and squash plants.

Of course, the garden was full of weeds again but I slowly worked through it and with Jim’s help got the veggies in the ground.

Fortunately (for Jim anyway), one of my kitchen guys, J.J., helps me in the gardens at The Choke.

I also planted some green beans I had seeded in the house.

They were pretty gangly so I also reseeded some new ones as well. It will be fun to see how they

Now it’s beginning to look like a vegetable garden!

The potatoes are up, carrots are sprouted, the sugar snap peas are climbing up their cages and full of blooms, and there is “maters”, peppers and squash!

We’ve been enjoying asparagus and broccoli and those should continue to produce for a while.

I want to wait until the onions get a little bigger before getting into those.

We’ve also been using a lot of chives, dill, and cilantro as they are plentiful right now.

If you haven’t started planting yet, it’s not too late.

We have lots of summer ahead so get out the hat and gloves and dig in the dirt!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana