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It’s really feeling like spring and I’m finally getting the gardens and pots cleaned out and ready to get planted.

Well, my lawn guy is doing all the work because I have a pulled muscle and can’t do the yanking and lifting.

Anyway, the gardens will get a boost of mushroom compost and they will be ready to plant.

By the way, I use bagged mushroom compost available at any of our local hardware stores.

It is easier to put in the garden as opposed to getting a truckload and having to shovel it in a wheelbarrow then to the garden.

So we went to Oklahoma City last week and I got to go to TLC Greenhouse and Nursery.

I went directly to the herb and vegetable area and bought curly parsley, flat leaf parsley, dill and cilantro.

Yes, I will have dill and cilantro popping up soon but I’m impatient!

They also had really nice broccoli plants and I got red, yellow, and white onion plants as well as Yukon Gold potato seeds.

They had lots of other things that can be planted right now and I did buy a “salad bowl” that is a mix of lettuces ready to go right in the garden or in a pot.

I will let it get established for a week or so before I start harvesting.

You can start some leafy lettuce and spinach by seed and they will produce pretty quick.

You can also seed radishes, turnips, and beets now so there is a lot to get our spring vegetable garden started.

Check out pictures of my goodies from TLC below! Enjoy the Earth! Diana

Salad Bowl
The Salad Bowl
Broccoli plants
Broccoli is planted and ready to grow!