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Well April is finally here!

We had a full moon this week and the weather was warm and sunny over the weekend, and a little windy a couple of days.

I think we are supposed to hit a low in the 30s some time this week so we aren’t finished with winter yet.

Our last average freeze date for northeast Oklahoma is April 15th.

That is average, not absolutely the last chance. We have had a hard freeze after April 15 in two of the last five years.

A hard freeze warning is when the temperatures are going to hit 29 or lower.

That can cause some damage especially if it lasts for several days.

A freeze warning is when temps are going to be 29 to 32 degrees and that will be a lot less damaging.

So we will hope that we stay above that 32 degree mark.

On that note, I have been so ready to get my citrus trees out of the house along with a couple of other plants we overwintered.

Most tropical plants can take a 40-degree hit and not do too much damage.

The citrus trees are supposed to only take 50 degrees, but I have left mine out in colder temperatures than that because it is a pain to move them.

They survived but I am going to wait another week or two.

As for all those perennials that are leafing out or popping out of the ground, they will probably be okay this week, but if the weather guys indicate temps below 29, you may want to cover them up.

Have a wonderful Easter! Enjoy the Earth! Diana