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Hey Grand Lakers – The first day of spring is Saturday, March 20th!

So winter is officially over and so far we have avoided another freeze.

It would be nice to have a perfect spring, like last year.

It stayed cool long enough to benefit the cool weather crops and we didn’t have a late freeze to damage the fruit buds on the trees.

So we got quite a bit of rain last week with some intermittent sunshine.

I planted my onions just in time to give them a good start with all the rain since they need a lot of water to grow.

They actually grew about 3 inches already and my chives were just peeking out of the soil from last year and now they are 5 inches tall!

I also planted seeds of sugar snap peas, carrots, and spinach but it will be another week before they pop up.

If you are ready for some color in the garden there are several flowers that like the cooler weather.

Dianthus and Snap Dragons are good cool weather flowers and they will bloom through most of the summer.

Pansies are great in cool weather but they will die off as soon as it gets hot so they aren’t a good
investment this time of year.

A favorite of mine is Petunias and they can take cool weather as well.

They come in such beautiful colors and will bloom all summer.

I always get volunteer petunias from seeds that dropped from last year’s petunias.

They may not be the exact same color due to hybrids, but they are beautiful and free!

Spring is here so let the planting begin!!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana