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It’s beginning to look a lot like SUMMER! And it’s about time, right?

We are in for some 80’s and 90’s so the tomatoes, peppers, squashes, cucumbers, okra, etc should be happy plants.

I don’t know if the basil I have is going to make it or not, but a little sunshine can go a long way.

If you haven’t started your vegetable garden because of too much rain or not enough sunshine, it isn’t too late.

There is plenty of summer ahead of us so before planting, make sure the soil is good.

Put in a little mushroom compost to add nutrients and use a pitchfork to work it in and that will also loosen the soil.

At this point I would recommend buying plants instead of seeds.

There are plenty of warm weather crop plants available just about anywhere, and the bigger the plant the better.

Go ahead and spring $10.00 for a tomato that has blooms and tomatoes already on it.

Same with peppers, okra, squashes, and cucumbers, and once they are planted, they will thrive in the warm soil and sunshine.

For the vegetables and flowers you already have planted, don’t forget to fertilize every 2 or 3 weeks.

The plants are working hard right now and along with the much needed sunshine, they need nourishment!

And stay on top of those weeds!

Meanwhile, we have beautiful spring vegetables at The Saturday Market.

Lettuce, kale, spinach, chard, radishes, onions, garlic, and fresh-cut herbs, along with free-range chicken, eggs, and grass-fed beef.

You will also find baked goods, assorted salsas and jellies, tamales, cabbage rolls, hummus, and tabouli.

Come and see us from 9 to Noon! Enjoy the Earth! Diana