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Well Mother Nature sure turned things around this last week with another cool down and plenty of rain.

The lawn was just about brown and now it is green again. And we haven’t had to drag out the hose in a week!

Wish it could be this way all summer!

I‘m finally getting vine ripe tomatoes and oh how delicious they are! And the plants are loaded with plenty of green ones waiting to ripen.

I also harvested some jalapeños, squashes, and carrots.

So everything is looking great, except…since we had several weeks of 90+ temperatures, the beetles are here, the bad beetles.

The squash beetle is probably the most despised pest in the gardening world, and they love the hot dry weather.

I haven’t seen an adult squash beetle but I happened to see their eggs.

They are usually on the underside of a healthy leaf, but sometimes they are on top.

Look for small clusters of tiny brown eggs and try to get that piece of the leaf with the eggs using scissors, or pinch it off with your fingers, the goal being to save the leaf.

Then put them in a bucket of scalding soapy water to kill them, then dispose of them away from the garden.

I found a batch that were just beginning to hatch (yuck), so I cut the whole leaf and ground them into the gravel, then did the hot water.

You will stay way ahead of the game if you can keep the eggs from hatching.

Just make your bucket of hot soapy water and check your leaves every day. If you find an adult,
pick it off and put it in the bucket.

So we have lots of good veggies at the Saturday Market along with all the other goodies.

Come and see us before you go the store!

We are there from 9 to noon. Happy 4th of July! Enjoy the Earth! Diana