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What a refreshing cool front we had Monday, and with it some needed rain.

I love it because I am not ready for 97 degree temps yet, and Jim is real happy since he has had to water every day.

So there are some summer chores to do…

The Crepe Myrtles took a beating with the below zero temperatures in February.

Well, they have had enough time to leaf out, so the branches that didn’t leaf out need
to be removed.

Some of the Crepes are sprouting from the base, like suckers do, but no leaves on branches.

You will have to decide if you want to keep it as a bush instead of a tree.

So either prune all the dead off or replace it with a new plant because that growth from the bottom won’t make a tree for a long long time.

The peonies are through blooming so cut those ugly seed heads off to keep it looking nice.

The dill and cilantro are beginning to seed out with the heat but leave them in the garden a little longer so the seeds will drop for fall.

The Knock Out roses have finished their first flush of blooms so the dead buds need to be pruned off.

Don’t worry, they will have a new flush of blooms before you know it.

I did a little cleaning up in the vegetable garden.

The heat took a toll on some of my spring veggies so I pulled up the sugar snaps and broccoli plants.

Also, the cool spring rains followed by super hot days resulted in plant leaves getting powdery mildew.

Keep those leaves trimmed off to keep it from spreading.

And always keep an eye for bad bugs that want to eat your squash plants!

The Saturday Market had beautiful zucchini and summer squash, green beans, lettuce, kale, spinach, chard, radishes, onions, garlic, chicken, eggs and grass-fed beef, baked goods, tamales, and assorted salsas.

We are there from 9 to 12. Enjoy the Earth! Diana