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Well, so far we are having a pretty good summer.

Maybe a little too much rain at times, but that has kept us from miserably hot temperatures. This week is perfect with high 80’s during the day and 70’s at night.

I would take this pattern for the rest of the summer!

With the hotter weather, we are finally getting vine ripe tomatoes and along with that we have had some jalapeños, green beans, squashes, and carrots.

So with the warmer weather, we reap some of our favorite crops, but the heat also attracts the bad bugs that want to “dine” on our plants.

The squash beetle is probably the most despised pest in the gardening world, and they love the hot dry weather.

I just happened to spot some clusters of eggs on mine, so I got a bucket of scalding hot soapy water, grabbed the plastic gloves, and headed out.

The adults are big ugly brown/gray beetles.

The best time to get them is after watering because they will start crawling to the top, making easy “pickins”.

Just pluck them off and throw them in the bucket of hot water.

You also need to find and kill the eggs.

Small patches of tiny brown eggs are usually on the underside of a healthy leaf, but I’ve seen them on the top and also down a stem.

You will stay way ahead of the game if you can keep the eggs from hatching, as well as killing the adults, so check your leaves every day.

The Saturday Market is doing well.

We still have spring vegetables and are finally getting a few summer vegetables.

We also have all the other goodies so come and see us before you go to the store!

We are there from 9 to noon. Enjoy the Earth! Diana