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I hope everyone is enjoying the awesome summer weather!

After several days of rain we are in for plenty of sunshine, and so far we have avoided unbearable heat…knock on wood.

So I was able to go out to the gardens at The Artichoke last Monday, and I was pleasantly surprised that it looked in pretty good shape.

Lori and Dakota cut herbs every day so they got all the onions harvested and have been picking the tomatoes.

And J.J. is still doing the weeding when he has time. Thanks, guys!!

Well, the tomato plants are huge and very healthy and loaded with tomatoes!

So if you are getting too many too fast and need a break from BLT’s, cut them in halves or quarters and boil them for about 5 minutes.

Let them cool, then slide the skins off and put them in a container and refrigerate.

That will give you a couple of weeks to use them in a soup or sauce and it’s better than letting them rot.

We haven’t had to water every day but you still need to check daily for pests.

Jim brought in a big fat green caterpillar he found on the tomatoes. YUK!

There is never just one and they can do a lot of damage fast, so I hobbled out to the garden armed with scissors, plastic gloves, and a bucket.

The damage may be easy to see but the caterpillar is not because they look just like a tomato leaf, so you just have to look and look, then look again.

When I find one I don’t pull it off for fear of squishing it in my hand. Gross!

I snip the piece of the stem they are on and put them in the bucket for the dumpster.

Continue to check for them to ensure your plants won’t be eaten up.

The Saturday Market is doing great and there are lots of veggies, baked goods, salsas, and lots more, so come and see us from 9:00 to noon.

Enjoy the Earth! Diana