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Happy 2021 Grand Lakers!

Well fellow gardeners, we have winter weather ahead of us and it could be extremely cold or it could be mild.

One thing is for sure, the days will be getting longer and before you know it early spring will be upon us!

So when the gardens are kaput for the winter, I have my citrus trees that provide me with challenges much like the vegetable garden.

The Meyer Lemon tree is supposed to be in all phases of production pretty much all the time.

For the first few years my Meyer Lemon didn’t produce anything because it was a very young tree I bought on line.

Then in November of 2017 it was loaded with fruit that all ripened within a few weeks.

So what do you do with that many lemons all at once?

I made Lemoncello! And a lot of it!

The problem was the tree spent so much energy on making all that fruit that it didn’t make new leaves and it took a couple of years to recover.

But it is back on track and it is finally doing like it should.

I have a couple of lemons, one that is ready to pick, and there are various sizes of little lemons in the works, and it has been blooming since I brought it in for the winter.

Just like it is supposed to do!

Here is my advice on buying a Meyer Lemon tree.

First, buy one that is 3 years old or more from a reputable nursery like TLC in Oklahoma City or Southwoods in

If they don’t have one, they can probably order one for you.

Don’t buy online because you can’t see what you are getting and if it is a young tree, it will take a few years to see results.

Next week we will talk about my other citrus tree.

Enjoy the Earth! Diana [And check out these pictures of the Lemon Tree… and the Lemoncello!]

Making Lemoncello – Marinate in 100 proof vodka
Marinate for 3 weeks
Homemade Lemoncello and Homemade Margarita Mix!