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Well the first month of 2021 is almost over. Where the heck does the time go?

The good side is, the days are getting longer as the earth continues its orbit around the sun and it won’t be long and we can be in the garden again.

Meanwhile, we need to take care of the indoor plants.

It’s easy to get lax in the winter but as the days get longer, the plants will be absorbing all that sunshine, which means they will begin working harder.

So now is a good time to give them attention.

First, get a trash can and some clean scissors and remove anything that is brown or crispy.

You will be surprised how much brown stuff is hiding underneath the green foliage.

By the way, a footstool comes in real handy to do this chore, it makes it much easier on the back and legs.

Since the heater has been running and humidity is low, your plants would enjoy a cool shower.

Small plants can be put in the sink and rinsed, mediums could go in the shower to rinse…the big ones, well they may have to wait until spring.

I know you think that is overkill, but dusty leaves while they are doing their photosynthesis is like clogged pores on your skin.

Finally, if a plant is drying out too quickly between watering, the roots have probably taken up so much of the soil there isn’t any to absorb and hold water.

Again, a small pot can be re-potted on the kitchen counter.

Put newspapers on the countertops to make an easy clean up after re-potting.

Water and fertilize, and you will have some happy indoor plants!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana