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Well, it certainly looks like winter outside.

All the trees are naked of leaves, the grass is brown and the vegetation is just ugly. Thank goodness we have green plants in the house !!

So I know it’s tempting to get out there and remove everything ugly from the gardens.

I know I say this every year about this time, but it is important.

You can remove the annual plants because they won’t be of any use next year.

But don’t cut those asparagus fronds down, even though they are bent over and yellowed.

February 15th is the absolute earliest to cut the fronds off. Cut them too early, and you cut your crop short.

Likewise with hydrangeas.

They look pretty poopy right now but so many of them bloom on old wood. If you cut those ugly sticks off, you are cutting off the blooms.

And no, they won’t recover in the summer. Once you cut, they won’t bloom for this season.

If you are needing a little garden “fix”, see if you can find some herbs to buy.

Replant them up in a nice pot and put them in a sunny window.

They still prefer to be outside but they will survive inside for a while and you will have some fresh herbs to cook with.

I had bought a big Rosemary plant shaped like a Christmas tree.

I’m going to put it in a bigger pot and just let it go wild.

Rosemary is tough enough to be outside but I will probably bring it inside if we have a severe freeze, then this spring it will go in the garden as it is a perennial herb.

Hang in there gardeners, we are on the back side of winter!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana