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Well, we are having typical January weather, cold overnight and mornings and occasional 55 to 60 daytime temp.

Too darn cold for me to be in the garden for long.

I did find some cilantro thriving in one of the gardens at The Choke so I made some tasty shrimp ceviche and salsa. That is one tough herb!

So back to the citrus trees.

I’ve had my Calamondin Orange Tree for probably ten+ years.

It is definitely easier to get results than the Meyer Lemon tree.

It makes small round fruit about the size of a kumkwat.

The fruit smells like tangerine and the inside is very tart but the peel is somewhat sweet.

They are great in iced tea but years ago I found a recipe for an orange cake.

Okay, I don’t bake, in fact, I suck at baking.

But Lori is good enough to make the cakes when we have enough of these delicious oranges.

The recipe uses the entire fruit, minus the seeds, which are quite large for such a small fruit.

Lori said that is the hardest part is removing the seeds.

Then the fruit is puréed and all of it used in the cake and the glaze.

I have also made marmalade with the fruit and it was good too.

The calamondin tree is a fun way to enjoy growing your own citrus.

I know there are indoor lime trees available but I’ve never tried one.

I bought the orange tree from a reputable greenhouse in Oklahoma City and it was productive almost right away.

So again, I urge you to buy from a nursery, not the internet.

Check out some pictures down below. Enjoy the Earth! Diana

Calamondin Orange Tree
The Calamondin Orange Tree
Calamondin Oranges and Meyer Lemons
Calamondin Oranges and a Meyer Lemon