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Well, it looks like we are in for some milder winter weather this week.

I must say, the extreme cold we had has finished off everything in the gardens and pots.

Pansies love the cold but even they took a beating – foliage and blooms were completely frozen.

But unlike the summer annuals, they will come back.

Mine are already shooting up new foliage.

If we can avoid another deep freeze they should start up again.

Just carefully cut back the frozen foliage so the new can fill in and with some luck from Mother Nature, we will have blooms again.

All the other summer annuals that we were fortunate enough to enjoy through December, are done.

Those pots can be cleaned out because there is no recovery there.

But hey, we got at least two extra months on some of those pots!

When the weather is nicer like this week, I will get those cleaned out just to get rid of the ugly remains.

I do have one pot of Catnip that for some reason is still alive with pretty green leaves.

And it is right next to other pots that are completely frozen. Very weird.

The only other green thing I’ve found is that nuisance, henbit weed.

I swear, that weed can take a beating and keep on popping up!

The plants that should be left alone with their ugly brown foliage and sticks are the Hydrangeas and the asparagus fronds.

Don’t cut these back even though they are unsightly!!

Stay warm and always… Enjoy The Earth! Diana