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Well unfortunately the groundhog saw it’s shadow last week so we are in for six more weeks of winter.

This week is certainly proof of that!

And not just a day or two, but the whole week is going to be freezing!! Poop! I hate cold weather!

So I would recommend spending some time in front of a nice toasty fire with your favorite seed catalogs and do some garden planning.

We covered onions last week and there are other cool-weather crops that can be planted on February 15th.

You can seed carrots, sugar snap peas, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower.

I prefer to buy cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower plants, but they are hard to find this early.

You can also plant potatoes in February. Potato seeds are actual potatoes that have “eyes” that will be what sprouts into a plant.

For white potatoes, I like Yukon Gold varieties because they have nice creamy flesh and they do well in Oklahoma.

Red LaSoda is a good red potato to plant. It is a smooth skin potato and has a fairly early maturity time.

When you plant the potato seeds, plant them in loose soil about 8 to 10 inches apart.

This gives them plenty of room to make potatoes under the soil.

Once they sprout, keep an eye out (no pun intended) for freeze warnings as their foliage can get nipped by a freeze.

Simply cover them for the duration of the freeze and they will be fine.

Meanwhile, stay warm and always… Enjoy the Earth! Diana