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Welcome back to normal winter weather…and sunshine!!

What a crazy two weeks of ice and snow that was.

I’m done with that kind of weather, although we did have some really good snow ice cream. It’s been a long time since we had good enough snow to make snow ice cream.

In spite of the extreme cold my Christmas Cactus in the entry of the Artichoke still has blooms.

There is a small heater to keep it warm in there, but everything survived. Check out pictures down below.

So back to early spring gardening.

You can now cut your dead asparagus ferns down to about 2” above the soil line.

Hopefully, those crowns didn’t get hit too hard by the -12 degree weather, but with the snowmelt, there will be some good moisture to get them ready to sprout some asparagus as the temperatures warm up.

You can also prune the roses now without doing any damage.

Don’t prune them too hard, only about 1/3 of the bush should be cut off.

Also, clean up any branches that may be rubbing against each other and any other dead branches that need to be removed.

It’s probably okay to prune the Crepe Myrtles and like roses, don’t prune them too hard.

Mainly cut off the seed balls from last year because they are so unsightly and once they bloom out it is harder to cut them off.

Again, prune off any dead branches or any that are rubbing, and trim any suckers growing from the soil line.

Well, enjoy the nice weather and pray it stays around for a while! Enjoy the Earth! Diana

Christmas Cactus at The Artichoke
The Christmas Cactus at The Artichoke