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We are quickly moving toward early spring and that means it won’t be long and we can plant some early spring vegetables!

That’s right, our break from the vegetable garden is about over. Isn’t it wonderful?

So there are a lot of early spring vegetables that can be planted in February.

Onions are a favorite of mine because they are easy to grow from green onions to medium or large onions.

I like sweet onions and the best varieties for Oklahoma are:

  • Walla-Walla Sweet and Texas 1015 for yellow onions
  • Granex white and White Sweet Spanish for white onions
  • Granex red for red onions, and
  • Evergreen White for bunching green onions.

You will find onion plants and onion sets at your local nursery.

The onion sets look like garlic buds and the onion plants come in bunches and look like little green onions.

I prefer the plants because they will develop quicker.

Plant them about 6” apart for maximum size.

You can enjoy one here and there after a couple of months, but to allow full growth wait until the tops flop over in early summer.

Then harvest within 7 to 10 days after that.

When they are ready to harvest and you think you have too many don’t worry.

With proper “drying” they can be stored in a cool dry place for future use.

So plant plenty!

Check out the pictures below for the difference between onion plants and onion sets.

More next week on what veggies you can plant in February.

Enjoy the Earth! Diana

Onion plants and onion sets
Onion plants on the left, and sets on the right…
Onion plants
These onion plants are ready to go!