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Well it is real hard to think about gardening when the ground is covered in snow, it is zero degrees outside and the wind has been howling for 4 days.

The official groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, sure put the whammy on us with six more weeks of winter. I hope they aren’t all like the last two weeks!!

So we’ve been covering crops that can be planted as early as February 15th.

This ridiculous winter weather has kind of changed that date with temperatures in the single digits.

The good thing about the snow is it acts like an insulator for the garden but that doesn’t guarantee you won’t lose some things.

Zero degrees is pretty extreme cold for Oklahoma.

The first thing that will need to happen is the snow to melt and that may take a few more days.

The upside is the snow will add some good moisture to the soil.

Then we will need to see some warmer temperatures for a while to warm the soil back up so it can be worked and loosened up.

When that happens, depending on weather predictions, we can plant cool season crops.

Meanwhile, you could seed some plants indoors for transplanting.

Vegetables that can be transplanted are broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and Swiss chard.

Most of the others we have discussed have to be seeded directly in the soil.

Well I hope everyone is staying warm. Here’s to a break in the weather so we can get to work!

Until then…Enjoy the Earth! Diana