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Well now that we covered frosts and freezes we have had several overnight temperatures in the 30’s and that is just really darn cold!

Even when we get warmer days, the nights are freezing!

And now that we have had several freezing nights the gardens are looking pretty ugly.

Most of the warm weather plants are kaput, so it is a good time to start cleaning out the dead annuals.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning up on the indoor plants.

It is amazing how easy it is to ignore them when you are busy doing stuff outside.

So there are a lot of indoor Christmas plants for sale and it’s always fun to get a new plant.

Poinsettias are a standard Christmas plant and they come in red, white, pink, salmon and some are variegated.

If you didn’t know, the color in the poinsettia is actually the leaves. The flower is tiny and in the center of the leaves.

Poinsettias do not like the cold air, so take care getting it in the house.

Place it away from doors where it might get a draft of cold air.

Also when you water it, take it out of the foil cover, water it in the sink with tepid water, and let it drain well before putting it back in the foil bottom.

It likes bright light, but not direct sunlight.

Take care of your poinsettia and it will last a couple of months.

We’ll talk about other Christmas plants next week…I’m out of space!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana

Photo by Eva Elijas on Pexels.com