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Oh my goodness! Is Mother Nature messing with us or what?

There is nothing like a 40-degree swing in temperatures in one day, right?

So we are back to more normal December temperatures, except for a day or two of 70+, but it is too darn cold to be outside in the garden.

If you want to get your hands dirty, there is a lot of things to do indoors.

By now most of the plants you brought inside have made the adjustment to the dryer climate in the house and they probably need to be cleaned up.

We have a tendency to ignore the indoor plants when we are busy in the garden, but they need some TLC also.

So get a trash can, scissors, and/or pruners, and I use a footstool to sit on so I don’t have to bend over the smaller plants.

Cut all the dead leaves off and check around the soil area for dead leaves and debris.

Also, check for signs of pests, for example, aphids will leave a sticky substance on the leaves.

Other signs like holes in the leaves indicate there is an issue.

If the plant is small spray it off in the sink with tepid water, making sure you get the underside of the leaves.

For larger plants, I get a bucket of warm soapy water (Dawn dish soap) and using a paper towel, wipe the leaves top and bottom.

If the problem arises in a few weeks, you may have to use an organic insecticide.

Make sure it is made for indoor plants.

Once you have cleaned the plants up you can give them a touch of fresh soil and some fertilizer.

With the shortened days, indoor plants only need to be fertilized about once a month.

This will make your indoor plants very happy! Enjoy The Earth! Diana