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I can’t believe it is the last day of 2020!

Some say it is the worst year ever, but there were some good sides to offset Covid.

It was almost a perfect summer for gardening and it lasted late into fall so we enjoyed more vegetables from our gardens this year than any other I can remember.

We have worked more than a dozen jigsaw puzzles and watched a ton of old movies.

With all the challenges with Covid 19, we feel very blessed.

When we had to close the restaurant in the spring, we chose to do “take out” only, which was exhausting.

But our customers were very loyal. They bought gift certificates that are still waiting to be used, they got their meals to go, even bought their “usual” bottle of wine with their order.

And they took care of the staff that worked so hard to get their order right and make it as perfect as we could in a to go container.

Since we opened back up, we have only used half our tables to keep safe distancing.

Again, our customers have been very supportive.

Some ate at the outside table until the weather got too cold, some still get “to go” only, and many come and dine in.

As a result, our employees haven’t missed a day of work throughout this pandemic.

Yes, it hasn’t been easy, we miss going to church, we miss a lot of our customers that need to play it very safe, but overall, we feel very fortunate to still be in business.

From all of us at The Artichoke, we can’t thank you enough for the loyalty you have shown, for caring that we make it through this, and enabling us to hang in there!

We appreciate EVERYTHING!

Just a reminder, we are open this week through New Year’s Eve (still limited seating), then we close the first week of January to give our employees a full week off, much deserved, then we reopen on Friday the 8th.

Have a very happy and safe New Year’s and always…Enjoy the Earth! Diana