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Happy New Year everybody – 2021 is coming to an end!

In some ways, it seems like it went really fast, in other ways not so much. Anyway, we made it through another crazy year…thank goodness we have gardening to keep us sane!

So I noticed a couple of weeks ago that my Meyer Lemon tree wasn’t looking so good.

Some of the leaves were glossy with sticky stuff caused by some kind of pest.

When I took a closer look it was obvious it was scale.

Scale is a hard-shelled pest about the size of a pinhead and it attaches to the stems and leaves and is difficult to get rid of.

I gave it a wash/rinse with soapy water which helped but I had to take it outside and really scrub it down with warm soapy water.

Before I started, I pruned several branches off for two reasons.

It got rid of a lot of the scale by removal, and the tree needed to be shaped up, which I don’t recommend doing right now, but since it had scale it was a good time to get rid of some “out-of-control” branches.

Then I washed the stems and leaves front and back with warm soapy water and hosed it down with a hard spray.

It was flush with blooms and a lot of them were lost in the process.

But I learned a few years ago, if you let the tree make too many lemons at once, it zaps the energy out of the plant.

Mine lost almost all of its leaves and it took two or three months to recover.

Citrus trees aren’t the only plants that are subject to disease and pests so check your indoor plants often, especially the ones that spend the summer outdoors.

Have a safe and happy New Year and always…Enjoy The Earth! Diana