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Wow! Wasn’t the snow last Sunday beautiful?

We certainly didn’t get as much as the Tulsa area, but we got enough to get us in the Christmas mood.

I love poinsettias at Christmas, but another favorite of mine is Christmas Cactus.

They are easy to care for and provide blooms in pink, white, yellow, red, and purple.

They will likely be in bloom and should have a lot of buds waiting to open, making the bloom time last several weeks.

Place the cactus in an east-facing window for gentle direct sunlight. Don’t put it in the direct afternoon sunlight.

They like temperatures around 65 degrees and when the soil feels dry, water with tepid water.

Like the poinsettias, if the pot is in a foil wrapper, remove for watering and let it drain well before returning to the foil wrap.

Fertilize every two weeks during bloom time with a high potassium fertilizer.

Once the blooms have finished their show you can repot the plant to a bigger or nicer pot.

Use good soil that will drain well.

We have a huge Christmas Cactus at The Artichoke. It is loaded with beautiful bright pink blooms with some cream color blooms mixed in.

I have had it for years so purchasing a Christmas Cactus is a good investment.

You might even get a second bloom in a few months! Enjoy the Earth! Diana