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December! What????? And the weather is feeling like it.

Mother Nature handed out a pretty rough freeze in our area this week.

Yep, the green healthy foliage on my potatoes is done. But the potatoes are nice and safe under the soil line.

So what is the difference between a frost, freeze and hard freeze?

A frost advisory is when the temperatures are expected to drop between 32 and 36 degrees for at least 3 hours or more.

It can damage very tender vegetation and warm weather crops.

A freeze warning is issued when the temperatures are going to fall to 32 degrees to about 26 degrees. This will do a lot of damage to warm-weather crops and might do some damage to hardier crops.

A hard freeze is when the temperatures drop below 26 and this will take care of about all foliage except evergreen trees and shrubs.

Usually our “freezes” only last overnight this time of year, but when they last a longer period, like days, is when it will really damage plants.

So mulching perennials for the winter is a good idea.

In fact, leaves make a great source of mulch and will provide nutrients as they decompose, and they are free and usually already in place!

I left my gardens full of leaves…just not the grass.

I really enjoyed the full moon this week, I hope you did to. Enjoy the Earth! Diana