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Happy August Grand Lakers!

After a few weeks of horrible heat and humidity, Mother Nature gave us a break, but only for a few days.

But we didn’t get a drop of rain out of this “cool” front, so the watering continues, just not as intense.

So the extreme heat has taken its toll on our precious plants, especially the plants that are in full sun or have to take the hot west sun.

I have a lot of petunias that have draped over the edge of the pots, but they look brown and gangly with blooms at the very ends.

You can save the plant by cutting it back.

I cut mine back to the edge of the pot, then added fertilizer and add some fresh potting mix, and watered it in.

Cutting all that old foliage allows the plant to put its energy into fresh growth rather than supporting a bunch of old-growth.

It will take a couple of weeks or so, but it will bounce back.

Check out a couple of pictures down below.

The other option is to replace it with a fresh plant with all new blooms.

The problem is, there isn’t a whole lot of summer annuals to purchase this time of year, especially around here.

It’s too early for fall flowers so if you see pansies out there, it is way too hot to put them outside right now.

But if you find some nice annuals, BUY THEM!

They should be good to bloom way into the fall.

The Saturday Market is still going strong.

There is plenty of tomatoes and I bought a bunch of cucumbers and made bread and butter pickles last Monday.

There are eggs, grass-fed beef, chicken, fresh flowers, baked goods, and I’m back with cabbage rolls and hummus.

We will be there from 9:00 to noon. Enjoy the Earth! Diana

Droop petunias
Before the trim…
Trimmed petunias
After the trim…