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We certainly have had a good summer and with the rain, there has been plenty to do outside.

The weeds are hard to stay up with when Mother Nature is generous with watering.

With so much going on outside, it is easy to forget about the indoor plants.

Yes we water them, but sometimes a little late, and drying out can cause foliage to turn brown.

I had several indoor plants that needed some attention.

So I got my scissors, a trash can and a footstool to sit on, and thoroughly cleaned up all the dried leaves and stems off each plant.

Then I fertilized and watered and now they will be much happier!

This is a good chore to do when it’s too hot to be outside.

The Saturday Market is still doing fantastic, but we only have three more weekends.

We still have plenty of local vegetables, baked goods, salsas, jellies, tamales, spices, cabbage rolls, etc.

Come and see us from 9:00 to noon. Enjoy the Earth! Diana