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We are having a typical Oklahoma summer with plenty of heat and sunshine.

The shower we got early Sunday was only enough to skip watering that day. By Monday, it was dry as a bone!

We could use a good soaking rain to refresh the landscape.

So I actually found some healthy summer flowers to put in the restaurant pots…they were pretty much toast.

I got 1/2 gallon size pots of Lantanas with bright yellow and orange blooms.

Monday morning was warm but there was a nice breeze, so I planted the flower pots at The Choke and did some weeding around a couple of big tomato plants.

Then I did a little clean-up on the tomatoes and watered everything real good.

We have a large bed of mint that is bloomed out and just covered with bees, wasps, butterflies, and other pollinators.

I love being in the midst of them while I’m watering.

They don’t seem to mind my watering as they are too busy doing their thing.

On the other hand, I’ve been “buzzed” several times by big bumblebees and wasps while watering at home.

I’ve never been stung as most of them are harmless. They are just trying to get me to move on with my hose.

So stop and smell the roses, but also stop and watch the bees and butterflies.

And always…Enjoy the Earth!

Come and visit the Saturday Market from 9:00 to noon. We will be there with all our usual goodies!