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Signs of spring are popping up everywhere!

Bright yellow forsythias and daffodils are finishing up, as are the Bradford pears, the tulips are up, lilacs are blooming and the Redbud trees and Quince trees bloomed in perfect time for Easter.

I was able to spend some time in the garden Monday and with Jim’s help, we got a lot done.

First, he put the window box back up after recent window replacements.

I planted them with a few petunias which isn’t much, but it is a start and more will get added soon.

As I said before, petunias are pretty hardy so they can take the cool nights.

I then went to the vegetable garden to plant some potatoes, and there was asparagus ready to harvest!

There wasn’t gobs of it yet but enough for us to have for dinner.

The sugar snap peas are about 8” tall and there are little broccoli heads about the size of a quarter.

April 10 is the date to seed green beans so I’m going to start some indoors now for transplant as well as seed some in the garden to see which one does best.

After that we can cautiously put out cucumbers, eggplant, okra, summer squash, peppers and tomatoes.

Stay on top of weather conditions so you can cover them if we have a dip in temperatures.

Also in another week, we can plant warm-weather flowers and you can plant that basil you’ve been hiding in the house.

Tropical plants and citrus trees are going outside as well.

I’m so excited!!

Okay…it’s time for a martini on the screened in porch. Enjoy the pretty weather and always…Enjoy the Earth! Diana